Nahua Flower Round Drop Earrings - Artisana (Fair Trade)

  • Mexican women artisans capture delicate flowers in resin and embed them in alpaca silver in these stunning earrings that hang 1 inch from hypoallergenic hooks.

    Nahuatl-speaking peoples of the High Central Plateau of Mexico were Aztecs. "At the heart of Nahua philosophy stands the thesis that there exists a single, dynamic, vivifying, eternally self-generating and self-regenerating sacred power, energy or force: what the Nahuas called teotl. Teotl continually generates and regenerates as well as permeates, encompasses, and shapes the cosmos as part of its endless process of self-generation-and--regeneration. That which humans commonly understand as nature -- e.g. heavens, earth, rain, humans, trees, rocks, animals, etc. -- is generated by teotl, from teotl as one aspect, facet, or moment of its endless process of self-generation-and-regeneration."
    (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)