Glowing Sun Mala - Handmade Rose Quartz and Cherry Quartz Mala bead with 108 beads + Rose Quartz rough Guru Bead

Shade: Dark & Light Pink in pattern with silver Czech glass beads woven in (note the 108 beads are all the crystals and the glass beads act as knots rather than towards the auspicious 108 beads found in mala prayer beads)

Chakra: Heart, Crown and Third Eye

Beads are 8 mm faceted crystals tied with silk cord. Mala beads can be worn as necklaces either single or double wrapped, worn as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist and of course used in traditional meditation as prayer beads. Note: Mala beads do not have clasps so wrapping the beads will depend on wrist and neck size.