Celestial Glow Mala - Handmade Aqua Quartz + Amazonite Mala bead with 108 beads + Rose Quartz

Handmade Aqua Quarts + Amazonite Mala bead with 108 beads + Rose Quartz guru bead and tassel! Amazonite is the stone of truth. This crystal empowers ones search for their own truth and inner wisdom. A powerful stone during times of transition when outlining personal values and desires. Aqua Quartz is the stone of intention. Quartz is intention baring and helps keep focus on your goals and dreams.

Shade: Turquoise and Blue tones

Chakra: Throat and Heart

This Mala Bead is handmade with 8 mm faceted crystals tied with silk chord. Mala beads can be worn as necklaces either single or double wrapped, worn as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist and of course used in traditional meditation as prayer beads. Note: Mala beads do not have clasps so wrapping the beads will depend on wrist and neck size.