A Beautiful 3 Bracelet Combo (Wrap)

Bracelet Size

These are three favorite bracelets that are lovely to  wear at the same time. Combine them and save $40! 

Labradorite Crystal Bracelet for a Positive Change in Your Life

They say Labradorite stones contain energies that will boost one's ability to repel anxiety and depression and inspire the wearer with a sense of enthusiasm and self-confidence. It inspires perseverance and strength when constantly bombarded with conflict.

Labradorite aides in relieving insecurity, and boosts confidence in one's own abilities.

It has within it a deeply felt resonance that is very powerful, and it can be used to bring amazing changes to your life.

Wearing it just seems to charge you with a sense of excitement and adventure, to take the steps required to go where you have not gone before!

The centerpiece is a stunning 1/2 inch CZ studded White Pearl. 

Pearl, the "Stone of Truth, Faith, and Love," enhances personal integrity and helps provide focus and deep meaning to the object of your attention, bringing you wisdom and spiritual guidance. Pearl signifies sincerity, faith, and loyalty to your cause. There is much folklore and tradition about the pearl. In fact, so much history accompanies this stone that five months claim it as a birthstone - February, April, June (traditional), July and November.

Protective Golden Shade Pyrite Wrap Bracelet with Ohm and Orange Quartz Charms, 27 inches long. 

Wear it as a layered bracelet or as a stylish, chick, long necklace. It is up to how do you feel the morning you wake up.   

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone which shields and protects against all forms of negative vibrations and/or energy, working on the physical, etheric and emotional levels.  It stimulates the intellect and enhances memory, helping to recall relevant information when needed.  Pyrite assists one in seeing behind facades, promoting an understanding of that which lies beneath words and actions.

Orange brings about: creativity, playfulness, exploration on a practical level, relief from boredom, equilibrium.

Known as "The Mother of all Mantras. OHM: The four parts symbolize four stages of consciousness: Awake, Sleeping, Dreaming, and a Trance or Transcendental state. The Silver EP Ohm charm is about 1/2 inch.

Guardian Angel Wrap Bracelet with Aquamarine Quartz Charm on Black Crystal, 27 Inch long.

Wear it as a layered bracelet or as a stylish, chick, long necklace. It is up to how do you feel the morning you wake up.   

Our spiritual jewelry is also wearable for your day-to-day events. Each piece of yoga jewelry is designed with traditional methods of minding chakras and gemstone healing.

Gogh Jewelry Design's new Angel Wing necklace/ bracelet is magnificent and meaningful. Bring your guardian angel with you every day! Angels are spiritual beings often depicted as messengers, protecting and guiding human beings.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage.  It accelerates the intellectual reasoning process and makes on unconquerable thru learning - not only of knowledge passed thru teachers of the past and present but of oneself. 

The Silver EP angel wing is about 3/4 inch.

Handmade with Love in California.