A Closer Look at Global Groove

Yoga Ball Covers ►

When they first made there appearance a decade or so ago, So-called Yoga Balls struck us as being a bit goofy and even pointless. A knee-jerk reaction, perhaps, but it took a while for us to warm up to them and reconsider. They have proven to be an excellent tool for stretching and exercise, and can even function as an ergonomic chair. We have even seen them used as office chairs when paired with the proper chair frame! Until now, very little could be done to change their appearance... they are just beach balls on steroids! But Global Groove has changed all that. Their designer yoga ball cover fits snugly over exercise/yoga balls and features a heavyweight zip closure and and easy-carry fabric handle. 100% woven cotton, washable. Check out the Global grooves short video about their Yoga Ball covers to the right. -->

◀ The Mysterious Production of Tibetan Incense!

Blended from all-natural ingredients, kneaded like bread, and extruded like pasta,
the production of Tibetan-style incense is truly a wonder to behold. Every step of the way is done by hand in small batches. And the result? A truly delightful, earthy and aromatic enhancement to your yoga, meditation or sacred space. Tibetan-style incense is solid incense, theres is no wood or bamboo stick at its core, so only the natural, aromatic ingredients are burning leaving behind the mysterious, evocative scent of the East! Check out this wonderful video of Tibetan incense production in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here at Yoga Geek we carry some of the finest Tibetan incense from Global Groove and other vendors... check them out!

Meet Ahsu, Global Groove's Jewelry Maker ►

In 2008 I was in jaipur, India shopping for jewelry and gifts for my Yoga and Meditation website. I visited various local manufacturers and was fascinated by the simplicity of their production and beauty of their products. This video by our vendor Global Groove brought it all back to me! Enjoy this little taste of Fair Trade production with old-world artisan values. Yoga Geek is thrilled to be offer a selection of jewelry that gives back to the artisans, their families and their villages.