3rd Eye Chakra Earrings - Ajna Chakra - Intuitive - Lapis Gemstone Bead - Tibet Collection

You will love the beauty of these delicately crafted brass and white metal earrings with celestial blue Lapis beads, and treasure the rich symbolism not only of the two-petalled lotus Ajna Chakra framing a luminous OM, but also the much sought after Lapis Lazuli stone, the universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

The affirmation for the Third Eye Chakra (Sanskrit ‘Ajna’) is “I am Open to Divine Insight.” Located at the center of the forehead, the Third Eye Chakra is the symbolic center for our unitive awareness and intuition.

These Chakra Earrings are made by master craftsmen in Kathmandu, Nepal. Each item is handmade using techniques passed down through generations of artisan families. Click the "About the Artisans" tab below to learn more.

  • Key focus for Third Eye Chakra Meditation:
    • Ideal intuition, Spiritual Insight, Pure Reality, Lucid Sight & Synchronicity
  • About The Tibet Collection

    The Tibet Collection

    dZi Inc. has been working with artisans in the Tibetan exile community in India since 1990, and with Nepali artisans involved in traditional Tibetan style crafts since 1995. Their products are marketed as part of dZi’s ‘Tibet Collection’ line.

    Authentic cloth prayer flags printed on hand-carved woodblocks are specially made for dZi by The Gu-Chu-Sum (9-10-3) Movement of Tibet, established in 1991 and based in Dharamsala, India. Gu-Chu-Sum was first organized by ex-political prisoners from the Tibetan freedom movement; monks, nuns and lay people who had escaped from Tibet due to political persecution. Its purpose is to provide employment and support to Tibetan refugees needing help in India, and to educate about human rights abuses in Tibet. You can try to visit www.gu-chu-sum.org, but the Chinese Government regularly sabotage their site!

    dZi’s screen printed prayer flags are made by the Tibetan Nuns Projection (TNP), also based in Dharamsala, India. TNP’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment and education for Tibetan nuns who have fled Tibet for reasons of religious and political persecution. Visit tnp.org to learn more.

    dZi’s Paper Prayer flags and incense are made by Tibetan Handicraft in Kathmandu Nepal, a member of Fair Trade Group Nepal and leader among the handmade paper export community. This business supports hundreds of people in the local community through it's income generation enterprise, and runs an elementary school providing free and low cost education for local children.

    Sales of the all these products help to support the mission of these organizations and businesses.